High Gain Signal Conditioning in the box

Announcing SC32-ELFX : 32 channel signal conditioning, for magnet coil monitoring.

SC32 is a low noise, high gain, bandlimited front end for monitoring low level signals. SC32 provides 32 identical circuits, each with programmable gain and offset. The ELFX module mounts in the front of an extended "ACQ2106-DD" Double Depth chassis, and connects directly to an ACQ435, 24 bit ADC. In-box signal conditioning provides advantages in terms of simplified and lower cost cabling, reducing the number of box elements in the system, while the SC module benefits from power and control resources already available with the computer system of the ACQ2106 DAQ Appliance

  • 32 high impedance differential inputs
  • Per channel, wide range programmable input offset adjust
  • Per channel, programmable gain in two sections, X 1,2,5,10 and X 1,10,100,1000 for a maximum X 10,000 gain.
  • Four pole anti-alias filter
  • Bandwith to 50kHz, partnered with ACQ435, a 24-bit delta-sigma ADC with 50kHz bandwidth.
  • Full EPICS PV control of all gains and offsets.
  • Front panel inputs : 2 x D37, 2 x 16 channels.
  • Monitor port: 1 x VHDCI, 32 channels.
  • Tap off port: feed intermediate gain to an adjacent ADC module - run 32 channels at high gain, and digitize them again at medium gain - if the high gain signal saturates, there's still meaningful signal to read.
  • Fit up to 96 simultaneous channels in one box.
  • Supports continuous data streaming to segmented MDSplus archive. Full MDSplus control of all parameters.
  • White Rabbit timing included.