Portable 96 Channel Windtunnel DAQ

Windtunnel studies of turbulent flow use realistic physical models with an array of pressure sensor instrumentation.
Monitoring the array of sensors requires tens to hundreds of simultaneous analog inputs operating with bandwidth to tens of kilohertz.

Systems based on D-TACQ intelligent modular data acquisition make a high performance, convenient and low cost solution to collecting the model data.
Windtunnel users with multiple experiment sites appreciate the portability of the unit, while the gigabit Ethernet network interface means that the operator interface may be located remotely from the experiment.

Pictured are portable 96 and 64 channel systems, featuring

  • High impedance differential inputs, with 4 wire plug in termination for bridge excitation.
  • DAQ system comprising ACQ2006 networked DAQ appliance and 4 or 6 ACQ437ELF-16 ADC modules.
  • ACQ437ELF-16 provides 16 simultaneous ADC channels, 24 bit resolution, 128kSPS sampling, together with a PGA front end with 4 gain ranges.
  • A comprehensive remote operator interface is provided, together with MATLAB integration.
  • Low cost portable flight case enclosure.

D-TACQ manufactures a range of off-the-shelf high performance data acquisition hardware modules and systems. The systems are highly programmable and can be adapted to meet many requirements.

D-TACQ Modular Products