Fully automated streaming data system with remote GUI control

D‑TACQ provides a reference implementation streaming data system.
The system uses industry-standard EPICSworld for control and live data views and MDSplusworld for data archive.
The reference system uses a ACQ196CPCI digitizer and RTM-T comms link to capture 96 channels simultaneously at up to 500kHz/channel.
The data is streamed continuously on a PCI-Express cable link to a host computer, where D-TACQ supplied software creates a structured archive.
The host computer uses a 100GB SSD to enable data to be stored continuously for 1000s before stopping. Longer durations are possible with large disks.
The system has runs an EPICS IOC to allow remote control and monitoring. Example CSS/BOY GUI screens are provided to operate the system.
The EPICS control system allows easy extension to even larger systems.