acq400_configure_transient module

configure transient acq1014_configure_transient UUT1 UUT2 [NPOST] [trigger=int|ext|ext2]

usage: [-h] [--pre PRE] [--post POST]
[--clk CLK] [--trg TRG] [--sim SIM] [--trace TRACE] uuts [uuts ...]

configure multiple acq400

positional arguments:
uuts uut pairs: m1,m2 [s1,s2 ...]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--pre PRE pre-trigger samples
--post POST post-trigger samples
--clk CLK int|ext|zclk|xclk,fpclk,SR,[FIN]
--trg TRG int|ext,rising|falling
--sim SIM nosim|s1[,s2,s3..] list of sites to run in simulate mode
--trace TRACE 1 : enable command tracing