mgtdramshot module Capture to MGTDRAM

  • optional capture to mgtdram
  • manage upload
  • optional validation
assumes that clocking has been pre-assigned.

example usage:

./ --loop=100 --simulate=1 --validate=validate-6x480            --captureblocks=2000 --offloadblocks=0-1999 acq2106_007

usage: [-h] [--pre PRE] [--post POST] [--clk CLK] [--trg TRG]
                  [--sim SIM] [--trace TRACE] [--loop LOOP]
                  [--captureblocks CAPTUREBLOCKS]
                  [--offloadblocks OFFLOADBLOCKS] [--validate VALIDATE]
                  [--wait_user WAIT_USER]

acq2106 mgtdram test

positional arguments:
uut uut
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--pre PRE pre-trigger samples
--post POST post-trigger samples
--clk CLK int|ext|zclk|xclk,fpclk,SR,[FIN]
--trg TRG int|ext,rising|falling
--sim SIM s1[,s2,s3..] list of sites to run in simulate mode
--trace TRACE 1 : enable command tracing
--loop LOOP loop count
--captureblocks CAPTUREBLOCKS
 number of 4MB blocks to capture
--offloadblocks OFFLOADBLOCKS
 block list to upload nnn-nnn
--validate VALIDATE
 program to validate data
--wait_user WAIT_USER
 1: force user input each shot
class mgtdramshot.UploadFilter[source]
mgtdramshot.run_shot(uut, args)[source]