Source code for acq400_set_clk_trg


A script to configure a UUT as master or slave depending on the position of the
HDMI cable in the system.

Use case 1: Run on a specific UUT locally.
Use case 2: Run remotely from a host by providing a UUT argument.

import acq400_hapi
import argparse
import socket

[docs]def set_clk_trg(args): try: uut = acq400_hapi.Acq400(args.uut) except: print "Connection refused. If you are running this script from " \ "a remote host then make sure you provide a uut argument." # Check if master or slave if uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_BUS_OUT_CABLE_DET.split(" ")[-1] == "CONNECTED": print "Configuring as master." uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_CLK = "CLK" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_CLK_DX = "d3" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_TRG = "TRG" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_TRG_DX = args.trg uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_SYNC = "SYNC" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_SYNC_DX = "d2" uut.s1.clk = "1,3,1" uut.s1.trg = "1,",args.trg,",1" uut.s1.sync = "0,0,0" uut.s1.clkdiv = 1 uut.s1.sync_trg_to_clk=1 else: print "Configuring as slave" uut.s0.SIG_SRC_CLK_0 = "EXT" uut.s0.SIG_SRC_CLK_1 = "HDMI" uut.s0.SIG_SRC_TRG_0 = "HDMI" uut.s0.SIG_SRC_SYNC_0 = "HDMI" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_CLK = "CLK" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_CLK_DX = "d1" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_TRG = "TRG" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_TRG_DX = "d0" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_SYNC = "SYNC" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_SYNC_DX = "d0" uut.s1.clk = "1,1,1" uut.s1.trg = "1,0,1" uut.s1.sync = "1,0,1" uut.s1.sync_trg_to_clk=0
[docs]def run_main(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description = 'set clk trg') parser.add_argument('--trg', type=str, default="d2", help="Which trigger to use. Default is soft.") parser.add_argument('--uut', type=str, default=socket.gethostname(), help='Which UUT we are working with. Default is found using socket.') args = parser.parse_args() set_clk_trg(args)
if __name__ == '__main__': run_main()