Source code for acq2106_set_sync_role

#!/usr/bin/env python

acq2106_set_sync_role master [slave1 ... slaveN]

usage: [-h] [--master_clk MASTER_CLK]
                                [--master_trg MASTER_TRG] [--clkdiv CLKDIV]
                                [--test TEST] [--trace TRACE]
                                uuts [uuts ...]

*** DEPRECATION WARNING: please consider using user_apps/acq400/ ***


positional arguments:
  uuts                  uuts m1 [s1 s2 ...]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --master_clk MASTER_CLK
                        master_clk role alt fp,sysclk,sampleclk
  --master_trg MASTER_TRG
                        master_trg src alt: fp
  --clkdiv CLKDIV       clock divider, each module
  --test TEST           test link
  --trace TRACE         set command tracing

import argparse
import acq400_hapi
import time
from future import builtins
from builtins import input

[docs]def set_mb_clk(uut, clkdef): fmt = acq400_hapi.intSI_cvt if (len(clkdef) == 3): (src, hz, fin) = clkdef uut.set_mb_clk(hz=fmt(hz), src=src, fin=fmt(fin)) else: (src, hz) = clkdef uut.set_mb_clk(hz=fmt(hz), src=src)
[docs]def rf(edge): return 1 if edge == "rising" else 0
[docs]def sync_trg_to_clk(uut, value = '1'): try: uut.s1.sync_trg_to_clk = value except AttributeError: print("{} failed to set sync_trg_to_clk {} .. old firmware".format("NOTE" if value == '1' else "ERROR", value))
[docs]def run_main(parser): uuts = [ acq400_hapi.Acq2106(addr) for addr in parser.uuts ] role = "master" for uut in uuts: uut.s0.trace = parser.trace uut.s1.trace = parser.trace if role == "master": # ensure there are two values to unpack, provide a default for the 2nd value.. mtrg, edge = (parser.master_trg.split(',') + [ "rising" ])[:2] parser.trg_edge = edge set_mb_clk(uut, parser.master_clk.split(',')) # use Si5326 direct output where possible (almost always!) _clk_dx = "d2" if uut.s1.CLKDIV != 'CLKDIV 1' else "d1" uut.set_sync_routing_master( trg_dx="d2", clk_dx=_clk_dx) uut.set_master_trg(mtrg, edge) role = "slave" trg = "1,%d,%d" % (1 if mtrg=="soft" else 0, rf(edge)) clkdiv = parser.clkdiv sync_trg_to_clk(uut) uut.s1.clkdiv = clkdiv uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_CLK = "CLK" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_CLK_DX = "d2" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_TRG = "TRG" uut.s0.SIG_SYNC_OUT_TRG_DX = "d1" else: trg = "1,%d,%d" % (0, rf(parser.trg_edge)) clkdiv = 1 uut.set_sync_routing_slave() uut.s1.CLKDIV = clkdiv sync_trg_to_clk(uut, parser.slave_sync_trg_to_clk) uut.s0.SIG_SRC_TRG_0 = "HDMI" uut.s0.SIG_TRG_EXT_RESET = '1' # self-clears. clear trigger count for easy ref uut.s1.trg = trg uut.s1.clk = '1,1,1' if parser.test: run_link_test(parser, uuts[0], uuts[1]) if not parser.master_trg.startswith("soft"): input("say when") uuts[0].set_master_trg(mtrg, edge, enabled=True)
# execution starts here if __name__ == '__main__': parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="acq2106_set_sync_role") parser.add_argument("--master_clk", default="zclk,2000000", help="master_clk role alt fp,sampleclk[,sysclk]") parser.add_argument("--master_trg", default="soft,rising", help="master_trg src alt: fp") parser.add_argument("--clkdiv", default="1", help="clock divider, each module") parser.add_argument("--test", default=0, help="test link") parser.add_argument("--trace", default=0, help="set command tracing") parser.add_argument("--slave_sync_trg_to_clk", default='0', help="0: do NOT retime the trg on the slave") parser.add_argument("uuts", nargs='+', help="uuts m1 [s1 s2 ...]") run_main(parser.parse_args())