Source code for acq2106_hts

#!/usr/bin/env python

""" acq2106_hts High Throughput Streaming

    - data on local SFP/AFHBA
    - control on Ethernet
    - replaces AFHBA404/scripts/hts-test-harness-*

example usage::

	./ --trg=notouch --secs=3600 acq2106_061
	    # act on acq2106_061, run for 3600s

usage:: [-h] [--pre PRE] [--clk CLK] [--trg TRG] [--sim SIM]
                      [--trace TRACE] [--nowait NOWAIT] [--secs SECS]
                      [--spad SPAD] [--commsA COMMSA] [--commsB COMMSB]
                      [--lport LPORT] [--hexdump HEXDUMP]
                      [--decimate DECIMATE] [--datahandler DATAHANDLER]
                      [--nbuffers NBUFFERS]
                      uut [uut ...]

configure acq2106 High Throughput Stream

positional arguments:
  uut                   uut

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --pre PRE             pre-trigger samples
  --clk CLK             int|ext|zclk|xclk,fpclk,SR,[FIN]
  --trg TRG             int|ext,rising|falling
  --sim SIM             s1[,s2,s3..] list of sites to run in simulate mode
  --trace TRACE         1 : enable command tracing
  --nowait NOWAIT       start the shot but do not wait for completion
  --secs SECS           capture seconds [default:0 inifinity]
  --spad SPAD           scratchpad, eg 1,16,0
  --commsA COMMSA       custom list of sites for commsA
  --commsB COMMSB       custom list of sites for commsB
  --lport LPORT         local port on ahfba
  --hexdump HEXDUMP     generate hexdump format string
  --decimate DECIMATE   decimate arm data path
  --datahandler DATAHANDLER
                        program to stream the data
  --nbuffers NBUFFERS   set capture length in buffers

--secs     : maximum run time for acq2106_hts, only starts counting once data is flowing
--nbuffers : data handler will stream max this number of buffers (1MB or 4MB) will quit on the first of either elapsed_seconds > secs or buffers == nbuffers

Recommendation: --secs is really a timeout, use --nbuffers for exact data length


import sys
import acq400_hapi
from acq400_hapi import intSI as intSI
import argparse
import time
import os
import signal

from propellor import Propellor as P

[docs]def read_knob(knob): with open(knob, 'r') as f: return
[docs]def config_shot(uut, args): acq400_hapi.Acq400UI.exec_args(uut, args) uut.s0.run0 = uut.s0.sites if args.decimate != None: uut.s0.decimate = args.decimate
[docs]def hexdump_string(uut, chan, sites, spad): nspad = 0 if spad == None else int(spad.split(',')[1]) print("hexdump_string {} {} {}".format(chan, sites, nspad)) dumpstr = ("hexdump -ve '\"%10_ad,\" ") for svc in ( uut.svc['s{}'.format(s)] for s in sites.split(',')): d32 = svc.data32 == '1' fmt = '" " {}/{} "%0{}x," '.format(svc.NCHAN, 4 if d32 else 2, 8 if d32 else 4) dumpstr += fmt if nspad: fmt = '{}/4 "%08x," '.format(nspad) dumpstr += fmt dumpstr += '"\\n"\'' print(dumpstr) with open("hexdump{}".format(chan), "w") as fp: fp.write("{} $*\n".format(dumpstr)) os.chmod("hexdump{}".format(chan), 0o777)
[docs]def init_comms(uut, args): if args.spad != None: uut.s0.spad = args.spad # use spare spad elements as data markers for sp in ('1', '2', '3', '4' , '5', '6', '7'):"spad{}={}".format(sp, sp*8)) if args.commsA != "none": uut.cA.spad = 0 if args.spad == None else 1 csites = uut.s0.sites if args.commsA == 'all' else args.commsA uut.cA.aggregator = "sites=%s" % (csites) if args.hexdump: hexdump_string(uut, "A", csites, args.spad) if args.commsB != "none": uut.cB.spad = 0 if args.spad == None else 1 csites = uut.s0.sites if args.commsB == 'all' else args.commsB uut.cB.aggregator = "sites=%s" % (csites) if args.hexdump: hexdump_string(uut, "B", csites, args.spad)
[docs]def init_work(uut, args): print("init_work")
[docs]def get_data_pid(args): return int(read_knob("/dev/rtm-t.{}.ctrl/streamer_pid".format(args.lport)))
[docs]def start_shot(uut, args): uut.s0.streamtonowhered = "start"
[docs]def stop_shot(uut, args): print("stop_shot") uut.s0.streamtonowhered = "stop" time.sleep(1) pid = get_data_pid(args) if pid != 0: os.system('sudo kill -9 {}'.format(pid))
[docs]def get_state(args): job = read_knob("/proc/driver/afhba/afhba.{}/Job".format(args.lport)) env = {} for pp in job.split(): k, v = pp.split('=') env[k] = v args.job_state = env
[docs]def wait_completion(uut, args): ts = 0 STATFMT = "Rate %d NBUFS %d Time ... %8d / %8d %s" try: while ts < int(args.secs): get_state(args) buf_rate = int(args.job_state['rx_rate']) rx = int(args.job_state['rx']) if args.datahandler != None: pid = get_data_pid(args) if pid == 0: print("\ndatahandler has dropped out at NBUFS {}/{} {}".format( rx, args.nbuffers, "COMPLETE" if rx>=args.nbuffers else "ERROR" )) break sys.stdout.write( (STATFMT+"\r") % (buf_rate, rx, ts, int(args.secs), P.spin())) sys.stdout.flush() time.sleep(1) if buf_rate > 0: ts += 1 else: if ts > 0: sys.stdout.write(("\n" + STATFMT + "\n") % (buf_rate, rx, ts, int(args.secs), "STOPPED?")) break except KeyboardInterrupt: pass stop_shot(uut, args)
[docs]def run_shot(args): uut = acq400_hapi.Acq2106(args.uut[0]) if args.datahandler != None: cmd = args.datahandler.format(args.lport, args.nbuffers) print("datahandler command {}".format(cmd)) os.system(cmd) pollcat = 0 pid = get_data_pid(args) while pid == 0: time.sleep(1) pollcat += 1 if pollcat > 2: print("polling for datahandler active") pid = get_data_pid(args) print("datahandler pid {}".format(pid)) config_shot(uut, args) init_comms(uut, args) init_work(uut, args) start_shot(uut, args) if args.nowait == 0: wait_completion(uut, args)
[docs]def run_main(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='configure acq2106 High Throughput Stream') acq400_hapi.Acq400UI.add_args(parser, post=False) parser.add_argument('--nowait', default=0, help='start the shot but do not wait for completion') parser.add_argument('--secs', default=999999, help="capture seconds [default:0 inifinity]") parser.add_argument('--spad', default=None, help="scratchpad, eg 1,16,0") parser.add_argument('--commsA', default="all", help='custom list of sites for commsA') parser.add_argument('--commsB', default="none", help='custom list of sites for commsB') parser.add_argument('--lport', default=0, help='local port on ahfba') parser.add_argument('--hexdump', default=0, help="generate hexdump format string") parser.add_argument('--decimate', default=None, help='decimate arm data path') parser.add_argument('--datahandler', default=None, help='program to stream the data') parser.add_argument('--nbuffers', type=int, default=9999999999, help='set capture length in buffers') parser.add_argument('--etrig', type=int, default=0, help='ext trigger TODO') parser.add_argument('uut', nargs='+', help="uut ") run_shot(parser.parse_args())
# execution starts here if __name__ == '__main__': run_main()