hil module

Hardware In Loop : load AO data,run a shot, get AI data, repeat. upload to AWG and optionally run a capture. data for upload is either File (host-local data file) or Rainbow, a test pattern. assumes that clocking has been pre-assigned.

usage: hil.py [-h] [--files FILES] [--loop LOOP] [--store STORE]
[--nchan NCHAN] [--aochan AOCHAN] [--awglen AWGLEN] [--post POST] [--trg TRG] [--wait_user WAIT_USER] uuts

acq1001 HIL demo

positional arguments:
uuts uut
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--files FILES list of files to load
--loop LOOP loop count
--store STORE save data when true
--nchan NCHAN channel count for pattern
--aochan AOCHAN
 AO channel count, if different to AI (it happens)
--awglen AWGLEN
 samples in AWG waveform
--post POST samples in ADC waveform
--trg TRG trg "int|ext rising|falling"
--wait_user WAIT_USER
 1: force user input each shot
hil.store_file(it, rdata, nchan, nsam)[source]