delay_trigger_setup module

This file is a setup file for the delay trigger mode of operation for the acq1001+480 setup. This file will perform all the setup required to take data on the acq480, triggering from the gpgs, which itself triggers from an external trigger. For more information on the setup please refer to the D-TACQ delay trigger report.

An example command line example would be:

python --verbose 1 --delay 10000000 acq1001_105

This command runs the script in verbose mode, configures the gpg to run with a 10s delay (dependant on FPCLK frequency) on acq1001_105.

usage: [-h] [--verbose VERBOSE] [--delay DELAY]
[--pre PRE] [--post POST] uuts [uuts ...]

delay-trigger analysis

positional arguments:
uuts uut names
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--verbose VERBOSE
--delay DELAY delay_trigger parameter
--pre PRE delay_trigger parameter
--post POST delay_trigger parameter
delay_trigger_setup.configure_uut(args, uut)[source]