acq480_controls module

acq480 controls .. set ACQ480 parameters acq480 controls [opts] UUT1 [UUT2 ..] where UUT1 is the ip-address or host name of first uut example test client runs captures in a loop on one or more uuts

usage: [-h] [--FIR FIR] [--T50R T50R] [--GAIN GAIN]
[--site SITE] [--channel CHANNEL] uuts [uuts ...]

configure acq480

positional arguments:
uuts uut1 [uut2..]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

--FIR FIR --T50R T50R --GAIN GAIN --site SITE --channel CHANNEL

acq480_controls.set_480_uut(uut, args)[source]
acq480_controls.set_T50R(module, enable, channel)[source]
acq480_controls.set_gain(module, gain, channel)[source]