acq400_upload module

capture upload test acq1001_capplot UUT1 [UUT2 ..] where UUT1 is the ip-address or host name of first uut example test client runs captures in a loop on one or more uuts

pre-requisite: UUT's are configured and ready to make a transient capture eg clk is running. soft trg enabled eg transient length set.

runs one capture, uploads the data and plots with matplotlib tested with 2 x 8 channels UUT's (ACQ1014) matplot will get very congested with more channels. this is really meant as a demonstration of capture, load to numpy, it's not really intended as a scope UI.

usage: [-h] [--soft_trigger SOFT_TRIGGER]
[--trace_upload TRACE_UPLOAD] [--save_data SAVE_DATA] [--plot_data PLOT_DATA] [--capture CAPTURE] [--remote_trigger REMOTE_TRIGGER] [--channels CHANNELS] uuts [uuts ...]

acq400 upload

positional arguments:
uuts uut[s]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--soft_trigger SOFT_TRIGGER
 help use soft trigger on capture
--trace_upload TRACE_UPLOAD
 1: verbose upload
--save_data SAVE_DATA
 store data to specified directory
--plot_data PLOT_DATA
 1: plot data
--capture CAPTURE
 1: capture data, 0: wait for someone else to capture, -1: just upload
--remote_trigger REMOTE_TRIGGER
 your function to fire trigger
--channels CHANNELS
 comma separated channel list
class acq400_upload.ActionScript(script_and_args)[source]