acq400_capture module

capture test. assume transient has been pre-configured acq400_capture UUT1 [UUT2 ..] where UUT1 is the ip-address or host name of first uut example test client runs captures in a loop on one or more uuts

pre-requisite: UUT's are configured and ready to make a transient capture eg clk is running. soft trg enabled eg transient length set.

loop continues "forever" until <CTRL-C>

usage: [-h] [--soft_trigger SOFT_TRIGGER]
[--transient TRANSIENT] uuts [uuts ...]

run capture, with optional transient configuration

positional arguments:
uuts uut1 [uut2..]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

--soft_trigger SOFT_TRIGGER --transient TRANSIENT

transient control string use commas rather than spaces