acq2106_hts module

acq2106_hts High Throughput Streaming

  • data on local SFP/AFHBA
  • control on Ethernet
  • replaces AFHBA404/scripts/hts-test-harness-*

example usage:

./ --trg=notouch --secs=3600 acq2106_061
    # act on acq2106_061, run for 3600s
usage:: [-h] [--pre PRE] [--clk CLK] [--trg TRG] [--sim SIM]
[--trace TRACE] [--nowait NOWAIT] [--secs SECS] [--spad SPAD] [--commsA COMMSA] [--commsB COMMSB] [--lport LPORT] [--hexdump HEXDUMP] [--decimate DECIMATE] [--datahandler DATAHANDLER] [--nbuffers NBUFFERS] uut [uut ...]

configure acq2106 High Throughput Stream

positional arguments:
uut uut
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--pre PRE pre-trigger samples
--clk CLK int|ext|zclk|xclk,fpclk,SR,[FIN]
--trg TRG int|ext,rising|falling
--sim SIM s1[,s2,s3..] list of sites to run in simulate mode
--trace TRACE 1 : enable command tracing
--nowait NOWAIT
 start the shot but do not wait for completion
--secs SECS capture seconds [default:0 inifinity]
--spad SPAD scratchpad, eg 1,16,0
--commsA COMMSA
 custom list of sites for commsA
--commsB COMMSB
 custom list of sites for commsB
--lport LPORT local port on ahfba
--hexdump HEXDUMP
 generate hexdump format string
--decimate DECIMATE
 decimate arm data path
--datahandler DATAHANDLER
 program to stream the data
--nbuffers NBUFFERS
 set capture length in buffers
--secs : maximum run time for acq2106_hts, only starts counting once data is flowing

--nbuffers : data handler will stream max this number of buffers (1MB or 4MB) will quit on the first of either elapsed_seconds > secs or buffers == nbuffers

Recommendation: --secs is really a timeout, use --nbuffers for exact data length

acq2106_hts.config_shot(uut, args)[source]
acq2106_hts.hexdump_string(uut, chan, sites, spad)[source]
acq2106_hts.init_comms(uut, args)[source]
acq2106_hts.init_work(uut, args)[source]
acq2106_hts.start_shot(uut, args)[source]
acq2106_hts.stop_shot(uut, args)[source]
acq2106_hts.wait_completion(uut, args)[source]